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Skin Care Routine the Ecohealth Way!

Use the products in this order.



1.   Olive Oil Pulp Scrub

Contains a rich natural source of anti-oxidants, healthy vitamins and minerals. Olive Oil Pulp Body Scrub’s most important protection mechanism is the alleviation of the oxidative stress in the epidermis.

The combination of Olive Oil Pulp, Fulvic Acid and Magnesium Sulphate will gently remove older flaky skin, revitalise and re-mineralise living cells, enhance new cell growth and diminish the detrimental effect of external carcinogenic substances.


Fulvic Acid, Enriched Magnesium Salt, Olive Oil Pulp, Sandle Wood fragrance.

2.   Activated Charcoal/Kaolin or Bentonite Clay Mask

Activated Charcoal & Kaolin Mask

Is a gentle mask for sensitive skin that needs a gentle touch and softer exfoliating massage.

As a paste AC/KM can be used on septic wounds to absorb excessive septic material and neutralize free radical activity in the wounds.

Disrupt bacterial agents and fungi that supports septic development by altering their permeability, disrupting their H²O levels and ability to be fully functional in their abilities.



Activated Charcoal & Bentonite Mask

Drastically absorbs excessive oil and sebum naturally into the blend.

Neutralizes free radicals that fills and inflame pores, as well as disrupt acne and blackhead bacterial agents that supports their disruptive growth and development.

Exfoliates older skin (epidermis) gently and stimulates blood flow with fulvic acid mineral deposits to regenerate the new growth in the layers of facial skin.



3.   Promin Biotic.

Pierre @ Ecohealth PROMIN BIOTIC contain bacteria harvested from a delicate kefir brewing process, loaded with minerals beneficial and critically necessary for skin health.

Natural Kefir strains enriched with 72 soluble minerals and oxygen for free radical scavenging, the inclution of beneficial bacteria and the ultimate in inflammation suppression and healthy skin care.


Kefir, Water based solution, Chd-fa, and Zinc


4.   De-Pigmentation Cream

There are a number of natural reasons that cause dark spots to develop over time on the surface of the skin and hinder the healthy appearance of the skin. Skin pigmentation is affected by diets and medications, ultraviolet rays, various causes of stress and harsh chemicals used.

The prevention of skin pigmentation requires an interference with the proteins that stimulate the forming of melanogenesis.

This product offers effective topical antioxidant protection and inhibits the amino acids that cause pigmentation, the various free radicals that supports pigmentation as well as reducing the pre-formed ones.


Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Glycerine, Zinc,Liquorice Root – DGL, Cosmo perine, Sabi White, Fulvic Acid

5.  Colostrum & Collagen Balm

Colostrum is a natural nutritious supplement that contains high levels of or disease-fighting proteins (IgA and IgG) that abolish infections and eliminate harmful bacteria. It’s especially high in protein compounds that regulate immune responses beneficial to natural skin health, skin growth and skin renewal.

Collagen is involved in several critical biological functions. Collagen is the protein in the body responsible for skin elasticity. Provide natural structural support to exhausted connective facial tissue, resulting in aging and wrinkles.

Colostrum is the only known natural source of the enzyme, telomerase, which   may   help    to    slow    down    the    aging    of    DNA.   Telomerase may keep DNA strands from becoming shorter and enables identical, undamaged skin cells to duplicate themselves again and again. Colostrum also includes epithelial/epidermal growth factor (EGF) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), which are known to assist in the repair and regeneration of cells. EGF and IGF-1 play essential roles in wound healing, which makes colostrum an important potential adjunct to the skin’s repair following a surgical cosmetic procedure.

Let’s not forget about the lactoferrin in colostrum, either. Lactoferrin helps manage the immune response in the skin cells, which means supplementing with lactoferrin may potentially help a person increase his or her skin’s anti-inflammatory response.

All this without exposure to additional chemicals, preservatives or additives is available in this safe superfood.

Maintaining youthful-looking skin is a priority for many men and women, yet skin care products and cosmetic procedures may not deliver the desired or anticipated results. Bovine colostrum supplementation may help a person take an inside-out approach to skin care. Colostrum is a natural supplement and when taken internally, has the potential to help patients address symptoms of common skin problems, such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

and lastly

6. Moisturiser

With age, the skin’s defence system changes. The epidermis becomes thinner, less elastic, and the skin’s barrier role diminishes. The skin’s permeability increases and becomes more susceptible to external aggression factors.

The Ecohealth Moisturiser locks in the substances that are critical for sustainable cell growth, cell maintenance and cell health.

Apply morning and night to clean and dry skin on the face and body.

Written by: Pierre van Niekerk © Compiled by: Alta Nel

The information in this document is for educational and general purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or a substitute for medical treatment. Readers should always consult appropriate and qualified health or medical professionals about specific medical problems and issues relating to personal wellbeing.

The author does not accept any responsibility for harm or loss which may result from failure to consult with the appropriate health authorities, and readers assume the risk of any such injuries that may arise from these circumstances.

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