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Colostrum and all its components such as lactoferrin, lactins, lactoperoxidase and approx. 50 other proteins are associated with the immuno-regulating process of the immune system.
Colostrum is apotential growth supplement and immune modulator. Scientific studies have shown that Colostrum’s growth factors can help the body:

  • regenerate and accelerate normal growth of aged or injured muscle, bone, cartilage, and skin collagen and nerve tissue
  • help burn fat for fuel instead of muscle tissue in times if fasting (diet)
  • help build and retain lean muscle
  • repair our body’s vital DNA and RNA
  • balance and regulate blood sugar levels
  • heal burns, surgeries, cuts, abrasions and mouth sores with topical application
  • control infection and pain associated with sensitive teeth and dental work
  • help regulate blood glocose levels and „brain chemicals“, providing alertness and better concentration
  • help regulate the brain’s „feel-good“ chemicals (serotin and dopamine) to brighten our moods

Tulsi leaf, also known as Holy Basil, is a profoundly healing plant. As an adaptogen, tulsi has the unique ability to regulate stress levels and support proper function of the adrenals. Because of this, tulsi can support maintained energy levels throughout the day
and sound restful sleep at night. This sacred leaf promotes a healthy heart —physically and emotionally. Tulsi has been extensively studied for its numerous health benefits. Nutritionally, basil seeds contain vitamin and minerals, such as vitamin A, beta-carotene, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, and magnesium. The bio-chemical compounds act as anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. It is commonly used to keep the lungs clear, promote comfortable breathing, support proper circulation throughout the body, complement a healthy weight management plan and help the body’s ability to adapt to stress.

Cell Health Protector
Short-term inflammation in the body has the important function of fighting foreign invaders,
such as bacteria and viruses. However, when inflammation becomes chronic, the production
of cortisol becomes harmful and over time, attacks the body’s own tissues.Pierre @ Ecohealth Cell Health Protector is a combination of nutraceuticals that fight chronic inflammation, thus preventing diseases which find their origins in the various causes of inflammation.

Kiddie Shake 
Boost your child’s health with this delicious Shake.
It contains an extensive list of vitamins and minerals essential for immune system, brain development and concentration.
Skimmed milk powder, Flavourants, Whey protein Consentrate, Nutriose, Sucralose, Colostrum, Collagen, Omega fat, Fulvic Acid, Vitamins and Minerals, Maltodextrin
Nutritional info per 20 g
Energy (KJ) 284.19, Carbs(g) 8.05, Total sugar (g) 0.32, Lactose 5.91, Protein 8.02, Fat 0.49, Saturated Fat 0.11, Dietary fibre 1.28, Omega 3 101.90
Vitamin A 270mcg, vitamin C 30mg, Vitamin D 4.5mcg, Vitamin E 4.5mg TE,
Vitamin B1 0.36mg, Vitamin B3 4.8mg, Vitamin B6 0.51mg, Vitamin B5 1.5mg, Vitamin B7 9mcg, Vitamin B9 120mcg, Vitamin B12 0.72mcg,
Iron 5.4mg, Zinc 3.3mg, Chromium 21mcg, Selenium 16.5mcg

Multivitamin A-Z
A-Z MULTIVITAMIN is a source of vitamins and minerals essential for normal health
in children, adults and pregnant women.
A-Z MULTIVITAMIN contributes to the maintenance of healthy immune function,
mental performance and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Vitamins are important building blocks of the body and help keep you in good health.

Curcumin Plus³
There are over 1,500 citations in Medline relating to the biologic effect of curcumin. Modern science has revealed that curcumin mediates its effects by modulation the expression of important molecular targets involved in cancer, arthritis, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, psoriasis, and other pathologies. Curcumin has been shown to block transformation, tumor initiation, tumor promotion, invasion, angiogenesis, and metastasis in a wide variety of tumor cells, including B-cell and T-cell leukaemia, colon carcinoma, epidermoid carcinoma, and various breast carcinoma cells and mammary carcinogenesis. In vivo, curcumin suppresses carcinogenesis of the skin, stomach, colon, and liver. Curcumin is a potent antioxidant and inhibits lipid peroxidation, oxidation of haemoglobin and various inflammatory diseases.

Fulvic Acid
Fulvic acid is a part of the humic structure in rich composting soil. It is an acid created in extremely small amounts by the action of millions of beneficial microbes, working on decaying plant matter in a soil environment. It is of low molecular weight and is biologically very active. Usually carries 70 or more minerals and trace elements as part of its molecular structure. These are then in ideal natural form to be absorbed by plant roots and interact with living cells.
Benefits of Fulvic Acids:
Research is only starting to uncover the important role that fulvic minerals play and the information is amazing! Fulvic acids support the body
in a variety of ways including digestion, cell health, brain health and in the uptake of nutrients and the removal of toxins.

Kierie se Moer
Kierie (KsM) is a powerful blend of well-known herbs with functionalities that deals with various types of chronic stress and related classes of inflammation, which is the main cause of weight gain and the many known
degenerative diseases. Inflammation stems from chronic nervous tensions, environmental toxins, poor nutrition and wrongly applied medicines. Inflammation has a detrimental impact on muscle and bones, the nervous system as well as the immune system. Kierie is a blend of powerful herbs, intended to suppress natural cortisol production by the adrenals, ease the main causes of inflammation, harvest and neutralise free radicals, prevent premature ageing factors by enforcing oxygen, mineral and collagen deposits in inflamed areas, and stimulate the production of the body’s protective antioxidant enzymes.
Each Kierie Capsule contains Withania somnifera, Curcuma longa, piperine, Buchu, Fulvic Acid and Collagen.

Spice Mix
Spice mix contains a combination of turmeric, cayenne pepper, ginger, cumin, black pepper and cinnamon. It reduces inflammation and pain, combats general aches and fatigue, relieves digestive and circulatory problems as well as arthritis and lowers blood sugar in diabetics

Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal is a fine, odourless, black powder often used in emergency rooms to treat overdoses. Its toxin-absorbing properties have a wide range of medicinal and cosmetic uses, though none are scientifically proven. Superheating natural sources of carbon, such as wood, produces activated charcoal.
People taking medications should talk with a doctor before taking oral activated charcoal products, as these may interfere with absorption of their medication. 

Eco Wound Spray
Each spray (0.15 ml) contains: 0.36 mg Wound support (Proprietary Blend Organic acid complex) Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamide and Roboflavin.
Directions for use:
First clean wound and/or affected area by spraying with natural saline (9 grams of sea salt or 2 teaspoons of table salt diluted in 1 liter of clean distilled water) twice per day.
Then spray Eco Health Wound onto the area and wet it thoroughly.
Store below 25 degrees C.

Nasal and Throat Spray

Each spray contains 0.36 mg wound support propriety blend (Organic acid complex, Ascorbic acid, Niacinamide and Ribloflavine. Contains no alcohol or preservatives.
Pharmodcodynamic properties: Nasal Spray has a bacterial and fungicidal effect acting against the cellular membrane of bacteria and fungi, altering their permeability without distorting their enzymatic pool. Support wounds in the inflamed nasal passages by providing important vitamins to repair nasal skin functions.

Active Skin Preventative Biome
Active Skin Preventative Biome may protect your family from illness by helping prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Apply the cream to your hands after visiting public areas such as toilets to disinfect them. Rub a small amount of cream into the nasal passages to prevent viruses entering the body through your nose.
Water based solution, CHD-FA, Quaternary Ammonium Compound (Proprietary Blend Organic acid complex) Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamide and Roboflavin, Fragrance.

Preventative Biome
Preventative Biome Spray may protect your family from illness by helping prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.
Water based solution, Quaternary Ammonium Compound

Enriched Clay Capsules
Numerous scientific studies about the effects of bentonite clay on the bodily functions of humans and animals have been published in PubMed. In these publications, bentonite is considered as a treatment of diarrhoea. As early as 1961, oral administration of bentonite showed that it cured 97% of cases to do with different causative factors of diarrhoea (virus infection, food allergy, spastic colitis, mucous colitis, and food poisoning).

Colostrum and Collagen Caps
Bovine colostrum contains macro nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
It’s especially high in protein compounds that regulate immune responses and promote growth, including lactoferrin, growth factors, and antibodies.
Collagen is a protein that provides structure to much of your body, including bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments.

Epsom Salt Caps
Epsom salt is a popular remedy for many ailments.Epsom salt is also known as magnesium sulfate. It’s a chemical compound made up of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen.
Epsom salt is used to treat ailments, such as constipation, insomnia,
and fibromyalgia. Most of the reported benefits of Epsom salt are attributed to its magnesium, a mineral that a lot of people do not get enough of.

Free Me Lotion
A natural, non-toxic, plant and aqueous based repellent lotion.Free Me Insect Repellent Lotion helps protect you and your family from the bites and stings of mosquitoes, gnats, sandflies, fleas and ticks.
Plant based Pyrethrum, water based solution, piperonyl butoxide, fragrance.
Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight

Fulvic Spray
Fulvic Spray reinforces the intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals
enhances the resistance to disease nourishes and protects the skin and coat / plumage promotes the absorption of nutrients helps the disposal of heavy metals and pesticide.
efficient – doses from only 0.5 cc per day
Fulvic is a powerful antioxidant and works like a natural detoxifier.
Fulvic acid and purified water
Spray on the skin once a day.

Immune Fizzy
Single serving size: 1 Tablet
Each tablet contains:
VITAMIN D3 100 000UI/g 0.75 mg

Kombucha is a rich source of natural fermented probiotics.
Brew from specific strains of bacteria, a blend of green tea, rooibos tea, ginger, sugar, fermented with living symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, (called Scobie).
Benefits of Kombucha as a nourishing elixir:
Boosts immune function through probiotics & antioxidants. Natural anti-inflammatory properties help to detox the body. Increases energy with B vitamins, iron and enzymes. Rich in acetic, lactic, gluconic, oxalic, mallic, and nucleic acids. Improves digestion and helps create a healthier gut flora. Assists with weight loss and joint health, aids gout. Helps with conditions like candida and allergies.
Pierre @ Ecohealth
Kombucha contains:
Green tea, Rooibos tea, Fulvic acid, Fresh grated ginger, Chai tea, Fermented sugar, Blue berries
You can drink Kombucha every day as a health tonic, but at least once a week is recommended. If it is your first time drinking Kombucha, as with anything in life, take it slow at first.
Keep refrigerated

Vitamin C Fizzy

Single serving size: 1 Tablet
Each tablet contains:
Ascorbic acid
Zink AAC 20% 
Echinacea 4:1 
Selenium AAC 2%
Cherry flavour
Effervesent Blend
Children under 12 half a tablet per day.