Colostrum Balm

Colostrum is the only known natural source of the enzyme, telomerase, which may help to slow down the aging of DNA.
Telomerase may keep DNA strands from becoming shorter and enables identical, undamaged skin cells to duplicate
themselves again and again. Colostrum also includes epithelial/epidermal growth factor (EGF) and insulin-like growth
factor (IGF-1), which are known to assist in the repair and regeneration of cells. EGF and IGF-1 play essential roles in
wound healing, which makes colostrum an important potential adjunct to the skin’s repair following a surgical cosmetic procedure.
Let’s not forget about the lactoferrin in colostrum, either. Lactoferrin helps manage the immune response in the skin cells,
which means supplementing with lactoferrin may potentially help a person increase his or her skin’s anti-inflammatory response.
All this without exposure to additional chemicals, preservatives or additives is available in this safe superfood.
Maintaining youthful-looking skin is a priority for many men and women, yet skin care products and cosmetic
procedures may not deliver the desired or anticipated results. Bovine colostrum supplementation may help a person take an
inside-out approach to skin care. Colostrum is a natural supplement and when taken internally, has the potential
to help patients address symptoms of common skin problems, such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne.


Skin Antioxidant

Antioxidant cream is a supportive balm that frees accumulated particles on the human skin. Normal make-up, through their
character (oily, powder or water based substrates), accumulate microscopically every second of the day free radicals from
polluted environments. Free radicals harmful to the skin comes from production areas, dust, factories, petro chemical production
and burned fuel particles from highways, nicotine, etc. Those particles accumulate on a daily basis in various concentrations in
oils and other make-up substrates applied onto the skin. In effect, what is to believe feeds and protects the skin, assist with the
contamination of the skin and in effect, helps with the aging of the skin. Pierre@ D antioxidant balm, through its unique
structure of skin healing oils and bioflavonoids, proanthocyanidins (Proanthocyanidins are present in the fruits, bark,
leaves and seeds of many plants where they provide protection against predation), cleanse, ease and prepare skin cells, able
them to repair with the EcoHealth Colostrum balm healing abilities to enable cell DNA and skin telomere growth to ensure

healthy skin growth and aging repair. 

Kaolin Mask

Kaolin is a hydrated aluminium crystalline mineral known as kaolinite. It is being formed over many years
by the hydrothermal decomposition of granite rocks.
It is being seen as the mildest of the facial clays, making it the preferred clay mask for almost all skin types.
Kaolin clays holds soft absorptive properties that do not over-dry or shrink the skin during use. Bentonite sodium
and Bentonite calcium clays does.
Kaolin clay, in a very gentle way hauls or pull in hidden impurities in the skin pores when it is being applied to the
skin in circular motions, stimulating the area of application.
Properties of the Pierre@ Natural Health selection of Kaolin Clay.
This collection of fine Kaolin clay is selected to be a gentle substance to exfoliate the skin when rinsed off with warm
water. It will leave the skin clean and refreshed.
This selection of Kaolin clay does not disturb or absorb the natural oils off the skin.
This selection of Kaolin clay is selected for people with sensitive skins. It could be dry skin, acne prone skin, inflamed
skin and or any sensitive skin type in need of soft exfoliation,
whilst it calms the skin at the same time.


Bentonite Mask

Heals and regenerates skin tissue

Draws out toxins

Treats acne (prevents breakouts and helps clear up acne)

Unclogs and shrinks pores

Prevents blackheads

Reduces appearance of scars

Excellent natural exfoliator

Evens out skin tone

Leaves skin feeling softer

Leaves your face glowing!


Activated Charcoal & Bentonite Mask

Drastically absorbs excessive oil and sebum naturally into the blend.

Neutralize free radicals that fills and inflame pores, as well as disrupt acne and
blackhead bacterial agents that supports their disruptive growth and development.

Exfoliate older skin (epidermis) gently and stimulate blood flow with fulvic acid mineral
deposits to regenerate the new growth in the layers of facial skin.

Activated Charcoal & Kaolin Mask

Is a gentle mask for sensitive skin that needs a gentle touch and softer exfoliating massage.

As a paste AC/KM can be used on septic wounds to absorb excessive septic material and neutralize
free radical activity in the wounds.

Disrupt bacterial agents and fungi that supports septic development by altering their permeability,
disrupting their H²O levels and ability to be fully functional in their abilities.

Ecohealth Bath Salt 

All our luxury bath salts are infused with the purest of aroma-therapeutic essential oils, with aromas that will appease the inner mind
and bathing experience whilst the mineral-rich sea salt gently detoxifies and rebalances imperfections in the muscles and skin.
All ingredients - in combo - will uphold healthy pH levels, keeping the skin soft, responsive and in balance. 

Olive Oil Pulp and Magnesium Scrub

Contains a rich natural source of anti-oxidants, healthy vitamins and minerals.
Olive Oil Pulp Body Scrub’s most important protection mechanism is the
alleviation of the oxidative stress in the epidermis.
The combination of Olive Oil Pulp, Fulvic Acid and
Magnesium Sulphate will gently remove older flaky skin, revitalise
and remineralise living cells, enhance new cell growth and diminish the
detrimental effect of external carcinogenic substances.

Fulvic Acid, Enriched Magnesium Salt,
Olive Oil Pulp, Sandle Wood fragrance.



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