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Blommetjie Mix

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The product is currently undergoing further trials at test laboratories. We will – once the results are known – apply for additional registrations in terms of Law 36 of 1947 with the relevant authorities.

In various countries such as Australia and Sweden the active ingredient has been released of any registrations by their authorities.


Full names and Literature references which demonstrates this product’s foundation, will be described in detail with registration.

  1. Purpose of the product

To find a natural product for use with the lowest possible danger of poisoning for humans and animals. The active ingredient should be natural – compatible with Nature, the ground and the consumer.


  • The active ingredient which has been chosen, has a longstanding record of proven safety towards humans and animals.
  • It is internationally regarded as one of the products which are the safest of natural products in the Class: Household Pesticides.
  • If it is accidentally ingested, it will metabolise very fast in the warm-blooded body with little to no harmful consequences.
  • Test results have found that the active ingredient’s toxic impact is 4,000 lower for a rat, as what it would be for a housefly.
  • During the trials rats could not be poisoned nor showed any signs of poisoning or any consequences thereof in tests on the liver and faeces. 


  1. Product/Target must show very low resistance against the active ingredient

The active ingredient or killer molecule which has been selected, has an extremely low resistance level with insects as a result of its short after-effect. Its natural molecular structure is so complex that resistance cannot become a material problem.

  • Resistance against the killer agent and active ingredients of insecticides, is generally noted in Literature.  Insecticides are for 6-legged beings such as flies, cockroaches, head and pubic lice, ants, midges, fruit flies and many other pests on plants. 
  • In agriculture a wide resistance has been noted against control methods for ticks, which is an 8-legged being.  The active ingredient must also be successful in this field. 
  • The product must be safe for humans and animals and capable of being used against any household pests.


  1. Features of the active ingredient
  • Broad spectrum: The active ingredient is composed of a group of molecular compounds (known as esters) and has a wider spectrum of killing activity on insects than most other products only containing a single active ingredient.
  • The product contains six esters in its natural composition. Every one of these esters has a killing or disruptive effect on the target insect(s). This means that the product can kill or disrupt the insect in six different ways.
  • Esters disrupt the central nervous system of crawling and flying insects by making their normal nerve activities dysfunctional, resulting in its failure to show natural behaviour. Like being able to run or fly away. Any higher activity will also expose the insect to more of the active ingredient.
  • Fast action: The product attacks the central nervous system of the insect by distorting their normal nerve functions. It totally disrupts its natural life functions or kills it. It does not have an immediate effect on insect eggs or larvae due to their inactivity.
  • Environmentally safe: The active ingredient is broken down by sunlight and ultraviolet rays with no residue.
  • Fruit and vegetable harvests: There is no time limit or interval required for withdrawal of the compound active. Food can be used immediately.
  • Although the product has a nice aroma for humans, it has – apart from its relatively fast killing action – a disgusting factor for insects. They find the product’s aroma vulgar and something to be avoided at all costs.
  • It can be safely applied on humans and animals where flies bother and are a hindrance, where mosquitoes are active and repel other harmful insects. Can thus be used for hunters, field visits, babies and pets.
  • Insects such as ants do not find insecticides repulsive. It will usually walk right through the product. But – they carry the active ingredient with them to their nests and over time eliminates the whole nesting area and the queen with their movements.
  • It is safe for use in schools, hospitals, guesthouses, hotels, kitchens and homes for the aged.  The active ingredient leaves no damage or residue which is unsafe for humans.
  1. Reaction of mosquitoes

The active ingredient and its smell causes abnormal behaviour with female mosquitoes. It prevents them from following their natural instinct to find and take a blood-meal from a host. With higher concentrations of the active ingredient they totally lose their normal behavioural patterns.

This also results in them leaving their hiding places and places of safety and thus become exposed to higher dosages of the active ingredient.

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