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Why a natural Eco-health approach.
The answer is obvious. Because it places responsibility for one’s health squarely in one’s own hands. It forces a person to make informed choices about their own health.
The question a person needs to answered is, “What does health really mean to them? How important is it? And once a person reaches a proper understanding of what “real health” means…
He or she understands their personal responsibility to their own health, their children’s health, their pet’s health, and the importance of Nature’s health in the environment they live in.
The current healthcare system in the South Africa is characterised by high costs and poor patient outcomes. The public healthcare system suffers from a shortage of qualified human resources, proper funding, maintenance of existing hospitals, support of critical equipment, inadequate medical supplies, and medicine.
It has become a dangerous and unsure health care affair.
So, what is the alternative?
Personal responsibility for one’s own health means to live a lifestyle which is a healthy way of living. A lifestyle that focuses on the overall well-being of the whole family.
It involves taking personally care of the body, the mind, and soul. Making informed decisions and choices on what you drink and eat. Taking care of your physical fitness and habits. Think and evaluate chemical products you buy for your home and expose yourself and your family too.
Ecohealth’s natural lifestyle approach is in essence a natural holistic approach.
It seeks with its products and services to teach people to identify the root cause of their symptoms. Enable them to prevent health care issues. Enable them to prevent and solve in a natural way their health concerns with a holistic approach and natural products. To restore balance and optimise their own health. Eliminating unhealthy and bad habits and performing detoxifying cleanses on a regular basis.
A natural approach offers greater personal power over their own health. Equally, personal responsibility. In the end, Ecohealth underline one fact to all…
It is all about choices.
It is all about a positive mindset. Taking ownership to choose life- and health-affirming lifestyle factors to restore the body’s natural vitality.
In summary.
Ecohealth’s natural health is a whole-lifestyle approach to overall wellness. One that addresses every component of a person’s life: On how and what you eat. What you do to take care of your body. How to deal with stress in a natural way and which healthcare providers you entrust with your care.

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