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Immunity, Wound healing, Diarrhea, Airway infections, Flu, Diabetes, sexually transmitted infection, Multiple sclerosis, Physical performance, colitis, Enlarged prostate, immune system

Colostrum and all its components such as lactoferrin, lactins, lactoperoxidase and approx. 50 other proteins are associated with the immuno-regulating process of the immune system.
Colostrum is apotential growth supplement and immune modulator. Scientific studies have shown that Colostrum’s growth factors can help the body:

  • regenerate and accelerate normal growth of aged or injured muscle, bone, cartilage, and skin collagen and nerve tissue
  • help burn fat for fuel instead of muscle tissue in times if fasting (diet)
  • help build and retain lean muscle
  • repair our body’s vital DNA and RNA
  • balance and regulate blood sugar levels
  • heal burns, surgeries, cuts, abrasions and mouth sores with topical application
  • control infection and pain associated with sensitive teeth and dental work
  • help regulate blood glocose levels and „brain chemicals“, providing alertness and better concentration
  • help regulate the brain’s „feel-good“ chemicals (serotin and dopamine) to brighten our moods


Tulsi leaf, also known as Holy Basil, is a profoundly healing plant. As an adaptogen, tulsi has the unique ability to regulate stress levels and support proper function of the adrenals. Because of this, tulsi can support maintained energy levels throughout the day
and sound restful sleep at night. This sacred leaf promotes a healthy heart —physically and emotionally. Tulsi has been extensively studied for its numerous health benefits. Nutritionally, basil seeds contain vitamin and minerals, such as vitamin A, beta-carotene, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, and magnesium. The bio-chemical compounds act as anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. It is commonly used to keep the lungs clear, promote comfortable breathing, support proper circulation throughout the body, complement a healthy weight management plan and help the body’s ability to adapt to stress.

Collagen is a main component in nearly all of the body’s tissue. Collagen contains large amounts of the amino acids glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine. The production of collagen in our body slows with aging.
Pierre@EcoHealt Collagen is produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis of selected bovine hides.

Pure protein (min 90%)
Contain 8 of the 9 essential amino acids
Free from fat and carbohydrates
Non - allergenic
Free from side effects
Neutral in flavour and odour
Excellent solubility

Cell Health Protector
Short-term inflammation in the body has the important function of fighting foreign invaders,
such as bacteria and viruses. However, when inflammation becomes chronic, the production
of cortisol becomes harmful and over time, attacks the body’s own tissues. Pierre @ Ecohealth Cell Health Protector is a combination of nutraceuticals that fight chronic inflammation, thus preventing diseases which find their origins in the various causes of inflammation.


Kiddie Shake 
Boost your child’s health with this delicious Shake.
It contains an extensive list of vitamins and minerals essential for immune system, brain development and concentration.
Skimmed milk powder, Flavourants, Whey protein Concentrate, Nutriose, Sucralose, Colostrum, Collagen, Omega fat, Fulvic Acid, Vitamins and Minerals, Maltodextrin
Nutritional info per 20 g
Energy (KJ) 284.19, Carbs(g) 8.05, Total sugar (g) 0.32, Lactose 5.91, Protein 8.02, Fat 0.49, Saturated Fat 0.11, Dietary fibre 1.28, Omega 3 101.90
Vitamin A 270mcg, vitamin C 30mg, Vitamin D 4.5mcg, Vitamin E 4.5mg TE,
Vitamin B1 0.36mg, Vitamin B3 4.8mg, Vitamin B6 0.51mg, Vitamin B5 1.5mg, Vitamin B7 9mcg, Vitamin B9 120mcg, Vitamin B12 0.72mcg,
Iron 5.4mg, Zinc 3.3mg, Chromium 21mcg, Selenium 16.5mcg





The therapeutic properties of Kankerbos are based on its ability to help the human body to mobilize its own immunologic and physiologic resources to help combat diseases and, to fight mental and emotional stress. Literature provide evidence of its antiproliferative, antiviral, antistressor, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic, antibacterial, antioxidant, and antithrombotic properties. 


Buchu is well known herbal supplement used for urinary tract infections (UTIs), including kidney ailments, inflamed prostate (prostatitis), prostatic hyperplasia, high blood pressure, fever, cough, common cold, upset stomach, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gout, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). used for urinary tract infections, cystitis, and prostatitis. 


The therapeutic properties of Curcumin is antibacterial, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, anti-tumor, anti-phlegmatic substance. Mediates its effects by modulate targets involved in cancer, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and psoriasis.

Take 2 capsules twice a day



Fulvic Acid
Fulvic acid is a part of the humic structure in rich composting soil. It is an acid created in extremely small amounts by the action of millions of beneficial microbes, working on decaying plant matter in a soil environment. It is of low molecular weight and is biologically very active. Usually carries 70 or more minerals and trace elements as part of its molecular structure. These are then in ideal natural form to be absorbed by plant roots and interact with living cells.
Benefits of Fulvic Acids:
Research is only starting to uncover the important role that fulvic minerals play and the information is amazing! Fulvic acids support the body
in a variety of ways including digestion, cell health, brain health and in the uptake of nutrients and the removal of toxins.



Kierie se Moer
Kierie (KsM) is a powerful blend of well-known herbs with functionalities that deals with various types of chronic stress and related classes of inflammation, which is the main cause of weight gain and the many known
degenerative diseases. Inflammation stems from chronic nervous tensions, environmental toxins, poor nutrition and wrongly applied medicines. Inflammation has a detrimental impact on muscle and bones, the nervous system as well as the immune system. Kierie is a blend of powerful herbs, intended to suppress natural cortisol production by the adrenals, ease the main causes of inflammation, harvest and neutralise free radicals, prevent premature ageing factors by enforcing oxygen, mineral and collagen deposits in inflamed areas, and stimulate the production of the body’s protective antioxidant enzymes.
Each Kierie Capsule contains Withania somnifera, Curcuma longa, piperine, Buchu, Fulvic Acid and Collagen.


Magnesium Mix

Soothe and hasten recovery of muscle pain, soreness, or injury.

Magnesium may also help your body produce melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.


Water Cellosize and Magnesium Sulphate

Apply to skin as needed.






Spice Mix
Spice mix contains a combination of turmeric, cayenne pepper, ginger, cumin, black pepper and cinnamon. It reduces inflammation and pain, combats general aches and fatigue, relieves digestive and circulatory problems as well as arthritis and lowers blood sugar in diabetics


Metabolism Activator

Enriched with two types of chillies containing particular antioxidants. Enrich with more herbs containing known values which are also antioxidants.

People who know the value of our "Spice mix" for gout and high blood pressure will surely know how important these herbs are to prevent these ailments and trouble naturally.

This "Turbo sauce" was developed (and now already tested) for the people who make use of our ozone/sauna. To accelerate their metabolism.


Chillies, Ginger, Onions, Bromalin, Paprika, Garlic, Cayenne pepper, Black pepper, Salt, Lemon rind, Cinnamon, Xanthan Gum, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Curcumin





Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal is a fine, odourless, black powder often used in emergency rooms to treat overdoses. Its toxin-absorbing properties have a wide range of medicinal and cosmetic uses, though none are scientifically proven. Superheating natural sources of carbon, such as wood, produces activated charcoal.
People taking medications should talk with a doctor before taking oral activated charcoal products, as these may interfere with absorption of their medication. 




Eco Wound Spray
Each spray (0.15 ml) contains: 0.36 mg Wound support (Proprietary Blend Organic acid complex) Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamide and Roboflavin.
Directions for use:
First clean wound and/or affected area by spraying with natural saline (9 grams of sea salt or 2 teaspoons of table salt diluted in 1 liter of clean distilled water) twice per day.
Then spray Eco Health Wound onto the area and wet it thoroughly.
Store below 25 degrees C.




 Nasal and Throat Spray

Each spray contains 0.36 mg wound support propriety blend (Organic acid complex, Ascorbic acid, Niacinamide and Ribloflavine. Contains no alcohol or preservatives.
Pharmodcodynamic properties: Nasal Spray has a bacterial and fungicidal effect acting against the cellular membrane of bacteria and fungi, altering their permeability without distorting their enzymatic pool. Support wounds in the inflamed nasal passages by providing important vitamins to repair nasal skin functions.




Enriched Clay Capsules
Numerous scientific studies about the effects of bentonite clay on the bodily functions of humans and animals have been published in PubMed. In these publications, bentonite is considered as a treatment of diarrhoea. As early as 1961, oral administration of bentonite showed that it cured 97% of cases to do with different causative factors of diarrhoea (virus infection, food allergy, spastic colitis, mucous colitis, and food poisoning).


Colostrum and Collagen Caps
Bovine colostrum contains macro nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
It’s especially high in protein compounds that regulate immune responses and promote growth, including lactoferrin, growth factors, and antibodies.
Collagen is a protein that provides structure to much of your body, including bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments.

Epsom Salt Caps
Epsom salt is a popular remedy for many ailments.Epsom salt is also known as magnesium sulfate. It’s a chemical compound made up of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen.
Epsom salt is used to treat ailments, such as constipation, insomnia,
and fibromyalgia. Most of the reported benefits of Epsom salt are attributed to its magnesium, a mineral that a lot of people do not get enough of.


Fulvic Spray
Fulvic Spray reinforces the intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals
enhances the resistance to disease nourishes and protects the skin and coat / plumage promotes the absorption of nutrients helps the disposal of heavy metals and pesticide.
efficient – doses from only 0.5 cc per day
Fulvic is a powerful antioxidant and works like a natural detoxifier.
Fulvic acid and purified water
Spray on the skin once a day.




Kombucha is a rich source of natural fermented probiotics.
Brew from specific strains of bacteria, a blend of green tea, rooibos tea, ginger, sugar, fermented with living symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, (called Scobie).
Benefits of Kombucha as a nourishing elixir:
Boosts immune function through probiotics & antioxidants. Natural anti-inflammatory properties help to detox the body. Increases energy with B vitamins, iron and enzymes. Rich in acetic, lactic, gluconic, oxalic, mallic, and nucleic acids. Improves digestion and helps create a healthier gut flora. Assists with weight loss and joint health, aids gout. Helps with conditions like candida and allergies.
Pierre @ Ecohealth
Kombucha contains:
Green tea, Rooibos tea, Fulvic acid, Fresh grated ginger, Chai tea, Fermented sugar, Blue berries
You can drink Kombucha every day as a health tonic, but at least once a week is recommended. If it is your first time drinking Kombucha, as with anything in life, take it slow at first.
Keep refrigerated



Active oral care

Active Oral Care (Charcoal Blend)

Surface stains on teeth originate from coffee, red wine, tobacco, dark coloured foods, food colourants, sugar and soft drinks.

Activated Charcoal, blended with extra fine bentonite clay and bicarbonate of soda, will remove surface stains on teeth, indicate hidden plaque sources in the mouth, neutralise acidic elements, and absorb harmful bacteria and other substances in the mouth. 

Unlike the liver and kidneys, teeth and gums do not perform any detoxifying functions in the body. Active Oral Care will level the pH level in the mouth and will eliminate almost all causes of bad mouth odour, referred to as halitosis.

There are indications that AOC improves the quality of saliva being swallowed, and by that reduce the intake of harmful mouth bacteria, acids and various substances that results in chronic sinus.


Ashwaganda Mix

Key Benefits:

Relieves stress by reducing the level of stress hormones called cortisol

Its anti-oxidant property improves energy and increases stamina and endurance

Treats stress and improves the metabolic activities of the body

Nourishes the nervous and immune system

Acts as a powerful revitalizer


Ashwaganda, CHDFA, 


Take 3 capsules twice a day

Ashwagandha is a herbal treatment in the age old Ayurvedic medicine. Studies suggest that Ashwagandha could have a range of health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety and improving arthritis.

Pregnant women and people with pre-existing health conditions should talk to their doctor before using Ashwagandha.

Literature suggest that the herb have neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects. 

Ashwagandha is used Ayurvedic medicine to reduce Inflammation,  stress, anxiety, fatigue, pain, skin conditions, diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy and as a pain reliever. Ashwagandha boost heart health, lowering high blood pressure, lowering high cholesterol, easing chest pain and preventing heart disease, the loss of brain functions with neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Ashwagandha might be able to stop cell growth in certain cancers. This includes reducing lung tumours in animal studies.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, or copra oil, is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palm. It has various applications. Because of its high saturated fat content, it is slow to oxidize and, thus, resistant to rancidification, lasting up to six months at 24 °C without spoiling.





Pierre Se Mix

Pierre se Mix can be used on wounds, rashes, insect bites and itchy skin. 

Add 25 g of Allergex cream and mix well.
Aqueous cream, Flowers of Sulphur, Zink Ointment, Olive Oil






Pure Zinc Capsules

Stimulates cell-mediated immunity.

25mg Zinc per capsule


Adults take 1 capsule daily with a meal.


Serving Size 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container 60

Amount per serving:

Zinc (As Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate) 25mg

Other Ingredients:

Gelatine Capsule

NAPPI code: 3002176001



MSM Capsules

Assists In Reducing Inflammation, Pain & Preserve Normal Joint Health

750 mg per serving

60 Servings


Adults take 1 capsule daily with a meal.


Serving Size: 1 capsule

Servings Per Container: 60


Amount per serving

MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) 750 mg

Other Ingredients:

Magnesium Stearate


NAPPI code: 3002430001


Queen Of Herbs

Regular consumption of Queen of Herbs may lower blood pressure and cholesterol by regulating cortisol levels, reducing the risk of stroke, heart attack, and other related diseases. It can also help relieve headaches and may lessen anxiety and depression for some. 

Tulsi in Literature has shown to counter metabolic stress through normalization of blood glucose, blood pressure and lipid levels.And psychological stress through positive effects on memory and cognitive function and through its anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties.


Tulsi extract, bioperine, buchu, kankerbos, ashwagandha, Fulvic acid

Not suitable for pregnant women.
Take 3 capsules twice per day


Neuropathic Cream

Reduces swelling, cools and soothes bringing immediate relief to ponderous feet, improves blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels.


Wash hands thoroughly after use. 

Keep away from eyes.


Peppermint essential oil, Wintergreen essential oil, 

Xantham gum, Aqueous, Coconut oil, Neroli phase oil, 

Clary sage essential oil, Neem oil and Vitamin B


Strained Muscle Stress Relief

Warm Therapy Natural Pain Gel

Fast absorbing, deep penetrating natural topical pain reliever for sore muscles, arthritis pain and stiffness.


Wash hands thoroughly after use. 

Keep away from eyes


Arnica infused oil,  Aqueous, Water, Bio Perine, Epsom salt, Xantham gum, Coconut oil, Ginger essential oil, Neem oil and Vitamin B


Oxygenated olive oil capsules

(use to swallow or as suppository)

Stomach ulcers 

Upset stomach 


Piles (suppository)

Candida (swallow or suppository)




Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)(suppository)

Prostate (suppository)

Immune system 

Liver support (suppository)

Detox (swallow and suppository)


Kidney and Urinary tract Supplement

Promotes kidney and prostate health.

Balances Female Hormones, Supports menopausal transition.


Shatavari and Gokshur extract

Take 1 capsule per day


support healthy Urinary tract.

help in promoting kidney and prostate health.

help to cleanse the urinary system

Rejuvenating Ayurvedic herb that cools and strengthens the body and nourishes the tissues

Encourages lactation, Supports menopausal transition

Traditionally used to maintain the balance of female hormones

help in urinogenital functioning.

This product is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

People with high blood pressure and/or sugar problems should consult

their doctor before using this product. 


Foot detox powder

Reduces stress in feet, gets rid of bacteria and infections


Epsom salt, Wintergreen essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Neem oil

Use 50 grams  dissolved in hot water and soak feet.






Baobab Powder

Among other benefits of baobab powder, the tangy-sweet fruit flavour of the baobab extract supports your immune system, improves digestion and can aid weight loss. Certain types of gut bacteria break down food and store it as fat while other gut bacteria convert food to energy. If these bacteria are not well balanced it can lead to excess fat storage which can contribute to weight gain. The prebiotic fibre in powdered baobab feeds energy-burning bacteria which makes losing weight easier.

Fibre is essential for a healthy lifestyle and weight management but daily intake can be tricky. The recommended daily fibre intake is 25g for women and 38g for men. With 4gm of fibre per tablespoon, powdered baobab is an easy and effective way to get your daily fibre.

Read more.....


Brain Essentials

Brain Support

Naturally Occurring 10% L-Dopa


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that promotes focus and motivation, enjoyment and interest in life. With 10% L-Dopa (the immediate precursor of dopamine), Dopa Mucuna helps the body with what it needs to make this important neurotransmitter.

 Shilajit is high in iron with important nutrients like fulvic acid, calcium, selenium and magnesium.

Supports enzyme functions!
Zinc is essential to the normal function of many organs and systems within the body including the skeletal, immune, neurological, and endocrine systems. Zinc is a necessary mineral co-factor for hundreds of enzymatic reactions related to protein and carbohydrate metabolism, RNA/DNA synthesis, and intercellular signalling. It is also known to play a critical role in the body’s defence against oxidative processes and is especially helpful for maintenance of healthy aging.

Suggested use

 Take 1 to 2 capsules with a meal. Best when taken early in the day.

 Do not exceed the recommended dosage.


 Mucuna Pruriens, Shilajit Extract, Zinc picolinate and Bioperine

Caution:  For adults only. Consult physician if pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. 

Keep out of reach of children.

 Natural colour variation may occur in this product.

 Store in a cool, dry place after opening.


Liquid Collagen


This product is made on order shelve life is up to 4 weeks so it will be made fresh for every order.

Slow the formation of lines and wrinkles.

 Improve skin’s ability to absorb and maintain cell moisture.

 Reduce skin pigmentation.

 Improve skin elasticity and firmness.

 Stimulate and ensure skin rejuvenation.

 Improve skin texture, skin density and thickness and skin repair in wound healing.

 Assist in cellulite formation and management.

 Support and stimulate healthy bone formation and strength.

 Restore natural nail, hair and skin health.


 Collagen, Xanthum gum, Water, Pure natural food grade Vit e oil, Flax seed oil

 Can be stored for up to 4 weeks refrigerated.

 Use 15 to 30 ml per day.

 Some conditions might need a higher dose

 Increase as required.


Teen Shake

Growing Healthy Minds and Bodies

Breakfast On-the-Go

After school snack

Pre or Post Sports Drink


Skimmed milk powder, Flavourants, Calcium Caseinate, Nutriose, Sucralose, Colostrum, Collagen, Omega fat, Fulvic Acid, Vitamins and Minerals, Maltodextrin


Nutritional info per 20 g

Energy (KJ) 284.19

Carbs(g) 8.05

Total sugar (g) 0.32

Lactose 5.91

Protein 8.02

Fat 0.49

Saturated Fat 0.11

Dietary fibre 1.28

Omega 3 101.90


Vitamin A 270mcg, vitamin C 30mg, Vitamin D 4.5mcg, Vitamin E 4.5mg TE, Vitamin B1 0.36mg, Vitamin B3 4.8mg, Vitamin B6 0.51mg

Vitamin B5 1.5mg, Vitamin B7 9mcg, Vitamin B9 120mcg, Vitamin B12 0.72mcg, Iron 5.4mg, Zinc 3.3mg, Chromium 21mcg

Selenium 16.5mcg


Vein and Artery Support

Centella asiatica is a herb in the parsley family. 

It contains an abundance of bioactive compounds with an abundance of healing properties, It is loaded with natural bioactives and recommended for balancing the nervous system. 

Gotu Kola contains key constituents enabling the body to maintain healthy neurotransmitter functions. It also promotes normal levels of mental alertness and a sound memory. 

It is tradionally used for poor circulation that leads to varicose veins (venous insufficiency).

Gotu Kola is not recommended for children under 18 years old.

It is best not to use Gotu Kola for more than 6 weeks without talking to your doctor. 

You may need to take a 2-week break before taking the herb again.

Ingredients: Gotu Kola

Directions for use:

Take 4 capsules per day 


Sabeet : standardized beetroot extract is a powdered juice extract from the root of Beta vulgaris. Water soluble and standardized for minimum 2% Nitrates, it is clinically evaluated to increase endurance as a result of reduced oxygen consumptiom. It is also an excellent source for cardiovascular support, and rich source of antioxidants and minerals.
Nitrates present in Beet root can provide protection against coronary heart disease.

Benefits include:

  • Improved Blood Flow: Increases circulating NO levels, leadingto improved blood flow, muscle pump, and exercise performance.
  • Stronger Muscles: Decreases serum concentrations of lactate dehydrogenase post-exercise, reducing muscle damage.
  • Source of Nitrates: Sabeet contains no less than 2% nitrates.Bioavailable: Because of its water solubility, Sabeet is more bioavailable 

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