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Air Freshener
Water-based scented air and fabric freshener. Neutralize animal and human stenches (feces, vomit, urine) as well as smoky areas.
Can be applied in areas where high concentrations of animals are present, toilets, bars, hotel rooms, etc.
Can be sprayed in the air or directly on smelly areas. The product is an air freshener binding in a spray with all odours. Its compilation is such to neutralise the sharp odours of urine and similar human body odours in the household environment. Meant for areas where high concentrations of animals are present in cages, repositories and where cages and sleeping areas must be cleaned. Can be sprayed in the air or directly on areas such as tables, floors, tiles and couches where the animals’ stains are to be found.
Best results will be obtained by using this in undiluted form.


Blommetjie Mix
Active Ingredients:
Natural Pyrethrum 0.5%
Piperonyl Butoxide 2%
Toxic to fish, frogs, snakes, tortoises and all cold-blooded animals
Store out of direct sunlight and in temperatures less than 25° C
Use undiluted do not use it in direct sunlight.

Anti Viral Hand wash
No alcohol
Kills germs an viruses
Non drying on hands
Non-flammable, safe onboard planes
Safe for children and at-risk patients
Non-toxic and safe if accidentally ingested.
Water, Sodium Lauryl ether sulphate, Coconut diethanolamine, emolients, cocamido betaine, Quaternary Ammonium Compound, Fragrance.

Free me
A natural, non-toxic, plant and aqueous based repellent lotion. Free Me Insect Repellent Lotion helps protect you and your family from the bites and stings of mosquitoes, gnats, sandflies, fleas and ticks.
Plant based Pyrethrum, water based solution, piperonyl butoxide, fragrance.
Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Eco Conditioner
The conditioner is a concentrated conditioner that detangles hair.
The product has a pH between 6 and 7.2, which balances
with normal skin pH, and aids in the sustainability of essential natural microbes that keeps the skin and hair healthy.
Eco conditioner is compiled out of eco friendly substances.

Eco Degreaser
Water-based degreaser (non-paraffin-based) , designed for safely cleaning petrochemical sensitive skins, also suitable to clean hardened resistant oils, fats and greases. Can also be used to clean oily floors, walls and cement, tools, machines, engines and engine parts
and spray-painting booths. Use undiluted in heavy greased or oily areas.
Dilute 1:5 or more on sensitive plastics or equal.

Eco Carpet shampoo
Pets’ urine on carpets and materials on couches and chairs, require a unique solution with specific compounds with the urine to break it down and neutralise the same. It must also have the qualities not to worsen the problem of odours in clammy circumstances and aggravate the situation or make it more unbearable. Pets react with urine on hormonal conditions of female animals, dominance behaviour, marking their territory and also association. Dogs’ smelling capabilities are millions of times stronger than the human sense of smell and also dominate various odours on carpets which humans cannot smell. Cats often react to these odours in protest with loathing, unhappiness about intruders that encroach on their personal spaces.   Apart from the cleaning abilities of the shampoo to remove stains and neutralise odours, the shampoo has also been developed to leave material an unpleasant environment with the mix of specific alcohols which pets have an aversion to with their sensitive smelling capabilities. The shampoo has a pleasant, strong citrus smell, a very low foaming action for safe use on all types of carpets and couches made of material as well as car seats.
Dilute in a 1:40 mix.
Can be applied by hand and with machines.


Eco Carpet Urine Freshener
Eco Carpet is a highly concentrated combination of fragranced dry alkaline substances. It binds to the molecular structure of stenches such as urine.
Designed to disrupt the ability of harmful and smelly bacteria to survive in the alkaline environment.
Sprinkle on the carpet leave for at least 20-30 minutes.
Allow the product to absorb the contents for at least 2-3 hours.
It can be brushed in or vacuumed to remove the white powdery residue.
Overnight will ensure the best results. Old and deeply concentrated areas should preferably be washed with Eco Oxi² or carpet shampoo and then dried properly.

Eco Fat Remover
A water-based Eco Fat Remover designed to dilute household accumulated oils and fatty food deposits on pots, pans and dishes. Use undiluted and rinse with hot water.
It will dissolve household greases, oils as well as fats accumulated on stoves,
microwaves and other utensils in the kitchen.
Will also remove accumulated fats and oils in drain pipes.

Eco Hand wash
A PH balanced hand wash, safe for sensitive skins, in different colours and fragrances.

Dishwashing Liquid

Concentrated Liquid Detergent for hand dishwashing
Can be used with hot or cold water
Dishwashing Liquid is a cleaning agent for all
makes of cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils etc.
Areas for use: Domestic, Eateries & Hospitality
Add 1 teaspoon under running water
Fresh Lemon Fragrance

Eco laundry liquid
A laundry liquid with the lowest hypoallergenic properties,
yet with highly active detergent and cleaning properties.
Prevents clotting of drain pipes with fatty deposits and diluted
harmful oily agents in laundry.
Highly Consentrated
Removes Dirt and Stains
Leaves Fabric brilliantly clean
Penetrates deep into fabrics
Leaves no Residue
No bleaching agents

  Front Loader Top Loader
Normal 100 ml 125 ml
Heavy 125 ml 150 ml

For stain removal
PourEco laundry liquid onto stain and rub gently before washing
Avoid contact with eyes. If accidental contact takes place, rinse
with cold water. If burning persists, consult a doctor.
Keep out of reach of children.

Fabric softener

Keep your fabrics softer and eliminate static cling.

Our Fabric Softeners reduces wrinkles and leaves a smooth surface and therefore easy and fast ironing.

Can be added at the beginning of the laundry cycle or during the rinse cycle .

Our Fabric Softener is available in the following fragrances:

Apple, Bouquet, Peach & Rose

Directions for use:

Add one capful at the beginning of the laundry cycle or during the rinse cycle.

Usage method depends on your type of washing machine.


Aqua, Cationic Surfactant, Polymer, Colour, Fragrance


Do not pour directly onto fabrics. Avoid contact with eyes. If accidental contact takes place rinse with cold running water. If irritation persists consult a doctor.

Eco Multi Active
This product has been specifically developed to neutralise and remove marks and stains of general pets’ habits and origin. It breaks down the protein compounds of urine and other animal secretions as well as the fatty marks. These marks require a more concentrated active with deep working odour neutraliser and is therefore different than the more general, well known and conventional products used to clean stains, fatty acids and other marks on stoves, walls, stove plates, baths, vinyl flooring, wash basins, tiles and showers. It is an all-in-one multi-active product to clean areas as well as handling equipment used for animals, for example in pet parlours and household use. Will also soften ingrained marks of pet origin. Successfully removes oil stains, grass stains, urine stains on linen, chairs and couches and general ‘spot’ treatment where stains are left in fat/urine. Also removes general stains on clothing eg wine stains, chocolate, food on linen and all the other general household stains. A very important aspect is that it eliminates various harmful bacteria and viruses and kills insects and also dissolves and breaks down the unfavourable fatty environment where these harmful organisms flourish. Best results when used in undiluted concentrated form.
Non flammable, Citrus aroma, Non corrosive, Bio-degradable, Spray bottle or sponge application.


Eco-Oxi² Pre-Wash
Eco-OXI² Pre-Wash was developed and tested to remove hardened stains such as blood on white clothes and overalls in slaughterhouses.
It will remove all organic stains, and in a lesser degree, petrochemical stains.
Cleans hardened fatty deposits on industrial stainless-steel when soaked with the solution.

A water look-alike product, that contains minimum of disturbing chemical
substances and relates to the best of substances used in preferred baby shampoos.
It measures a less than normal/neutral pH level (pH 6.5-7), with no thickeners, sulphates, colorants or any materials harmful to the user.
Can be used on animals as well.
The product contains the same elements and product material used in the best baby shampoos in the market. Better – or at least equivalent – to the best product you can purchase in the most expensive shop in SA! All thickeners, all colourants, all sexy, pearly items have been removed from the shampoo, because those ingredients are the culprits that irritate and disrupts the mucous membranes. If it does not irritate the mucous membranes, it will also not irritate any dog’s eyes, in other words it will not burn the eyes. It is processed with coconut oil as base. The pH is neutral (pH 6.5-7) which is the international standard for babies, dogs and cats – and also safe for horses!

Eco-Shower Gel
Eco-Shower gel is a pH balanced gel.
Designed for people working with animals on a regular basis,  
or in environments  resulting smelly and unfriendly body odours.


Thick colourless bleach gel helping to control the flow of bleach.
Removes stubborn stains, ensure whitening if wished and kill germs effectively. Dilutes easily with water and stays equally effective when used in cold water.

Eco-Odour Gobbler
Potent bio-enzyme liquid which eliminates foul odours in areas animals are kept, garbage disposal areas, sewer plants, pump stations, refuse bins and dumpsters while ridding fly infestations.
Powerful instant fragrance system immediately disguises and hides foul odours. Eco-Odour Gobbler is simply applied by mixing the super concentrate with regular tap water at a ratio of 1:10
and then applying with a clean low-pressure sprayer.
Ensure complete saturation.
Use within one month after mixing.

Eco-50 Gobbler
Biological All-In-One cleaner, sanitizer and odour eliminator.
Which replaces:
Drain, toilet bowl, tile, floor, ammonia, degreaser, mirror,
window, & carpet Cleaners. Removes virtually any stain.
Application & Dilution
Heavily Soiled = Undiluted
Daily Cleaning = 1: 10
Floor Cleaning = 1: 100 to 1: 500
Dilute with clean water.
After dilution use within one month.

Eco Virus Gobbler
99,999% Microbial kill rate within 5 minutes (Independently tested to EN 1276 standards Certification. No: 2017IS/TS/0338)
Outstanding performance with new counter-ion technology
Excellent enveloped virus killing properties, with superior gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial elimination
Good cleaning, dispersion and wetting properties, with excellent corrosion inhibition on metals and metal alloys
Recommended Use:
Surfaces: Apply undiluted for a Log 5 disinfection, allow a 5 –10 minute contact time.
For general cleaning and sanitizing dilute with up to 10 parts of water. Allow a 10–20 minute contact time. Avoid direct contact with food, and rinse food contact surfaces in accordance with good cleaning practices.
Shelf Life & Storage: Store in cool, dry place. Stable for 24 months.

Poultry Litter Gobbler
Chemical‐free non corrosive poultry litter treatment for incredible ammonia, pathogen and odour control.
Increases poultry health by forming a continuously working protective biological barrier.
Non‐corrosive Keeps litter dry
Reduce mortality rates Reduces odour
Maintain body heat
Reduce litter bugs
Reduce condemnation rate
Increase feed conversion
Increase flock weight
Binds ammonia
Produces clean air
Lowers utility costs
Lowers exhaust fan costs
Reduces caking in litter
Non‐toxic Convenient liquid form
Easy to apply liquid
Less shavings required
Applied with conventional spray equipment.

Septic Gobbler
Potent enzyme producing bacterial treatment for septic tanks, septic systems, and drain lines which digests solid waste, reduces odours, and keeps systems flowing naturally.
Application: Simply add the below dose to 2 to 5L of warm water and pour down basins, showers and baths or flush down toilets. Alternate the outlet every time for a multiple treatment effect. Dose after hours or at night.
Shock Dose: 1kg of Septic Gobbler per 1000 Litre of septic tank capacity.
Maintenance Dose: 100grams of Septic Gobbler per 1000 Litre of septic tank capacity.
Repeat the above Maintenance Dose weekly until the necessary  results are achieved.

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